Apr 16

Issue VIII, Volume V : April 2014

Ken Robidoux, Editor-in-Chief: April 2014

lil-n-me Welcome to Issue VIII, Volume V: April 2014 of Connotation Press: An Online Artifact.

I started out writing my blog this month, then I rewrote it, then I rewrote the damn thing again. And no matter from what angle I approached the subject I wanted to write about, it seems I’m just not ready to write about it yet. Crazy how that works sometimes. It seems to almost give legs to the old Muse myth, right? But as hard as I inhaled, no inspiration came.

The piece I’m working on is an indictment of the current state of online publishing and whether I see myself remaining in that continuum or not, but it will have to wait. Better to hold it a little longer until it’s ready. And isn’t that always the way? No matter how much one might want a piece to be ready to launch, it ain’t ready ‘til it’s ready. Hopefully, I’ll it’ll be ready to run next month. And hopefully, while working on the rewrite, again, I’ll work out some of the things that are compelling me to write it in the first place. We’ll see.

On that rather ominous note, let’s kick this glorious pig and see what it’ll do.

Our invitation only literary confluence A Poetry Congeries with John Hoppenthaler launches this month with John’s nod to the Academy of American Poets National Poetry Month. From there John introduces us to his featured poet for April: Tommye Blount. We have a wonderfully honest interview with Mr Blount and three strong new poems. John rounds out the column this month with standout poetry from Paul Hoover, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Nick Norwood, Chelsea Wagenaar, Nick McRae, Ida Stewart, and Okla Elliott.

The Third Form, with Erica Goss, our look at the blossoming video poetry form, focuses its lens on the video poem/book trailer for Beast, poet Justine Post’s new collection. The trailer was made by Justine and her sister Cecelia, and it is a trip. Not exactly NSFW, but, well, you decide. Either way, we love it!

Editor Julia Bouwsma turns over the reins of our Book Review column this month to the brilliant Melissa Adamo and her review of Suzanne Parker’s newest poetry collection, Viral. This looks like a brilliant, heart-wrenching, fiercely brave book and we hope this review encourages you to read it. And a big THANK YOU to Melissa for the fine work.

Our in-house wine critic, John Turi, takes his column, A Drinker with a Writing Problem, to the Renato Ratti winery in Italy where he reviews their Rocche 2008 Barolo. This varietal, pricing in at $75, gets good marks in John’s book. Mine, too, as he suggests pairing it with red sauced pasta!

Finally, our Featured Fiction author for April is pulling double-duty as the Featured author for our entire April issue, Ron Riekki. Fiction Editor Meg Tuite sets down and chats with Ron about all things writing and then we’re treated to two stunning pieces of fiction: Air and The Baby in the Air. Knocked us out. And don’t forget, our Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Drama, and Artisan Review columns run on the 15th of the month so please come back and see us again.

Maybe next month I’ll publish the piece I’m working on if it decides it’s ready. Maybe you’ll read it and comment on it in our FB post. Maybe we’ll both learn something in the process. Probably not, but hey, maybe.

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