Thursday Jan 27

RedElk Lois Red Elk is an enrolled member of the Ft. Peck Sioux in Montana, with roots from the Isanti on her mother’s side, and the Hunkpapa and Ihanktonwa from her father, who is descended from the Sitting Bull family. Raised in her traditional culture, she is a quill and bead worker, a traditional dancer and an advocate for cultural preservation and practice.She is on the adjunct faculty at Ft. Peck Community College, Montanam teaching cultural arts courses she developed (Traditional Plants, Domestic Arts, Animals Significant to Dakota Culture, and Porcupine Quill Work).She and her best friend and husband, who is enrolled in Shawnee, Oklahoma, have been married 45 years. They have two children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. Her first book, “Our Blood Remembers” was published in 2011 by Many Voices Press, Kalispell, MT, and won the “Best Non-Fiction” award from Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. Her latest book, “Dragonfly Weather” was released in October, 2013 by Lost Horse Press.


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