Sunday Jul 14

Congeries - January 2011

John B. Lee - Poetry

LeeJohnB. John B. Lee is the author of over sixty published books.  His most recent titles include: Dressed in Dead Uncles (Black Moss Press, 2010); Sweet Cuba: The Building of a Poetic Tradition: 1608-1958,

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Terese Svoboda - Poetry

SvobodaTerese Terese Svoboda's fifth book of poetry, Weapons Grade (U of Arkansas P), was published last year.  Her fifth novel, Pirate Talk or Mermalade (Dzanc Books), has just come out.

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Hayan Charara - Poetry

ChararaHayan Hayan Charara is the author of two poetry collections, The Alchemist's Diary (Hanging Loose, 2001), named a Publishers Weekly "Notable Debut," and The Sadness of Others (Carnegie Mellon UP, 2006)

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