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Ken Robidoux, Editor-in-Chief: November 2009

bookpressWelcome to the November issue of Connotation Press: An Online Artifact!

There is no chance you could have convinced me two months ago that by our third issue we would be publishing a shoe-in for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Tomaz Salamun, and that we’d be doing so not with only a translation, but with a never before published piece. And no one could have ever got me to believe we’d have a Top Chef winner, Stephanie Izard, in the same issue. Nope. No way. Ain’t gonna happen. Uh-uh.

It’s not that I thought the two aforementioned individuals should never share the same pages, quite the contrary. In fact, that’s what this magazine is really about. It’s what we have tried from the beginning to be, a place of inclusion where art is free to be art and everyone is welcome at the table. All you have to be is absolutely compelling and you’re in!
No, it was that I had no idea our contributing editors would help us find such amazing talent so quickly. When I asked Jim Harms to be our guest editor this month, I did so when the magazine was still just an idea, even before our curator for the column, John Hoppenthaler, took the reins. And very quickly Jim assembled a powerful and eclectic collection of poets: Tomaz Salamun, Christopher Buckley, Mark Brazaitis, Ben Doller, Sandra Doller, Jacqueline Gens, Maggie Glover, Brian Henry, Ilya Kaminsky, Laura Kasischke, Paula McLain, Alan Michael Parker, Mary Ann Samyn, Eleni Sikelianos, Ales Steger, Jane Varley, Frank X. Walker and Gail Wronsky. Great job, Jim! Thank you so very much!

This month we are introducing our Emeritus Artist column featuring the Southern California legend Gerald Locklin. Professor Locklin was kind enough to invite us to a reading and we brought along a camera. Our Emeritus Artist column will run only two or three times a year and is our chance to thank those special artists that have proven over time that they are both inspiring as artists and educators. Each will feature the artist reading their work. A tremendous THANKS to Professor Locklin for his kindness and generosity!
Also this month, From Plate to Palate with Amanda McGuire features an interview, video, and blog post with Stephanie Izard, season four winner of Bravo TV’s Top Chef! Stephanie was a great sport allowing us to post up her newest video and the accompanying blog post is a wonderful addition to the submission. Welcome Stephanie! Great job, Amanda!
And if that list isn’t overwhelming enough, this month’s A Poetry Congeries, with John Hoppenthaler features a diverse, award winning, talented group of artists, as well:  Richard Foerster, Denise Duhamel & Amy Lemon, Robert Thomas, Reginald Dwayne Betts, Kwame Dawes, Patrick Bizarro, Suzanne Cleary, Chad Sweeney, Bruce Bennett, Susan Myers, Dag T. Staumsvag/Hedin, Tracey Knapp, and Eric Trethewey. Once again John sets the bar and reminds all of us here at Connotation Press how lucky we are to have him on staff.
We will be running more new content this week and next with an eye on our mid-month post. A big thank you to everyone on staff that has worked so hard to keep all the plates spinning, and to everyone out there coming back again and again to participate in the discovery experience we work so hard to provide.  
And remember, WE NEED YOUR SUBMISSIONS! Come on over to our submission page and join the list of contributors that have made Connotation Press: An Online Artifact such a great place to find beautiful art.
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This issue of Connotation Press: An Online Artifact is dedicated to the memory of Joseph Turi.

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