Monday Jun 24

Kingbird Millissa Kingbird holds an MFA and BFA in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts. She has been published in Hinchas de Poesia and Yellow Medicine Review and Red Ink. Millissa is a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe with family ties to both Leech Lake and White Earth.


You are a shadow—

half beast in the forest of meditative sway, candle scented wax man.
You are a melting shade, she cools in fan speed,.

All you hear are frogs— you are
unsaid and refuse to fade.

Here stands a woman before you,
cherry flavored as a hotbox—

you didn’t know her when she beckoned

when other men were loved and lovers.

Ursa & Cub  

They turn your cheek pale
blue of eye soft & loveliest,

face forced in pillows stab lines singing yellow.
You would braid your hair, once, exactly how men see your womb.

Fat plaits meant you will be good,
thin ones meant you will worry him.

He becomes dandelion buttering the bottom of your chin
your babies just white seeds blowing away.