Monday Jun 24

SanchezMonique Monique Sanchez is from Española, New Mexico. She is a candidate for an MFA in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts. Monique received her BS in Conservation Science from the College of Santa Fe and an MS in Crisis and Emergency Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her writing has appeared in Trickster, published by Northern New Mexico College, and in The Santa Fe Literary Review. Monique is Cherokee and Isleta.
Salton Sea Primer

            a mother and
            her son stand
            on the shore

fish     farms     ocean     salt flow
from her mouth into
heat so vibrant
it seams lashes to lids

in Calexico
            a mother
            shields her son from playa
            poison     breath     scar

his cough buckles
his throat
awakens fault lines



The pyramid descends with such lightness
like a cloud eclipsing into pitch. It leaves me
pleading for restraint.

I’m intangible     I’m shadow

The sea’s motion bleeds
into my dream and holds
there. Its blue filters
cell, saturates memory.