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KnappMichaelsun Michaelsun Stonesweat Knapp, of the Costanoan-Rumsen Carmel Band of Ohlone Indians, is an MFA candidate at the Institute of American Indian Arts, by way of Los Angeles County, with a BA in English lit from CSU San Bernardino, and two AAs from Mount San Antonio College. Nominated for a 2016 Pushcart, and winner of the Muse Times Two Poetry Award, he is also a 2016 Periphery Poets Fellow, poetry editor for Mud City, and now curates the Claremont West Reading Series. He has published over 80 pieces across the United States and Internet, and his most recent publications are forthcoming in the Yellow Medicine Review and Red Ink.

A Melody Hunting

Congress #25. Direct Payments to Indian Tribes Now Kept “In Trust,” by U.S.
Treasury. 1837.
Friedrich, Caspar David. Landscape with Owl, Grave and Coffin. 1837.

    Wasps the color his whipping
eyes glow, when,        in the garage—walls
sagging in—           his mouth
           a mass
too many mastiff teeth—                    he tells
me: he has enemies.       Cheeks        and                  neck
on grizzly fur,             his jaw
to a snout  

protruding—I             imagined
the worst thing            they could do
to me—
bones               boil beneath
his skin, sloughing off                     meat
and fat to ragged         deer legs ending
in boyish hands

with which he reaches           out
for my chin—So I could make               myself
stronger— the  clinking               thud
of bullet slugs,     the clamor    
of the sludge                    spewing
milk                 and                  mud caked
   mouse skulls             —       

       — and long owl            feathers          gray
vaned out        in                     overlapping
disks       along my spine,     soaking
    my T-shirt                   dark                
with blood and yellow
ichor. A buzzing sound      
only I         could hear, I imagined you

dead, boy

   Whited Out 2.








Federal Government. Termination of 48 California Rancheras. 1959.
Fontana, Lucio. Spatial Concept Waiting. 1959