Monday Jun 24

MaryAnnSamyn.jpg Mary Ann Samyn's most recent book of poetry is Beauty Breaks In (New Issues, 2009).  She teaches in the MFA program at West Virginia University.
Peeling back the oh look!, there’s more.
—Set that aside.
And set that aside.
And set that aside.
…and if, when on your Lenten Journey, you need a friend…
I learned a long time ago;
cue the ocean; all my small-time hopes wait on a big gesture;
it’s a crawlspace, right?
And read again from The Mystery at Lilac Inn
            “Nancy’s fear gave way to curiosity…”
—the therein contained therein. 
Having Come This Far
The loneliness was so old! 
I had celebrated all of its birthdays.
Some verbs need helpers, my mother used to say.
Like the strings of an apron at the small of her back.
Today, a bird lay down in the grass.
Just like that, I’m telling myself.
If you knew how I thought of you,
you would say: this is a poem of praise.
It Most Certainly Is Edged in White
The book of birds knew a little about a lot.
I flipped through.
No one said trying harder would be easy.
A dove’s identifying feature
may or may not be peacefulness;
disjunction had been a performance;

I stopped complaining.
Starting now, no prayer goes unanswered.
It’s Been a Lovely October Thus Far
—Got the gist of it down; had another apple from the snack pack,
pre-sliced for my convenience.
The high school band practice drifts my way.
Will I always be lonely in towns with small-time civic pride?
At least I’ve done a good job of not filling the nothingness
with more of the same.
I consider the berries on the ivy: each one a little entrance
or exit.
My strength I learned a long time ago.