Sunday Jul 14

NeedleBurgess Burgess Needle is a Tucson author who taught English for two years in Thailand for the Peace Corps, was a school librarian for thirty years in Tucson and co-directed the Southern Arizona Writing Program for two summers. His fiction has appeared in Connotation Press, 10,000 Tons of Black Ink and The Black Market Review (UK). His poetry has appeared in the Blue Lake Review, Connotation Press, Blackbox Manifold (UK), Boston Literary Magazine, Concho River Review, Decanto (UK), Centrifugal Eye, Clockwise Cat, Under the Radar UK), Kritya (India), Iodine, Prick of the Spindle, Flutter, Origami Condom, Red Fez and others. Diminuendo Press published his poetry collection: EVERY CROW IN THE BLUE SKY. His second collection THAI COMIC BOOKS was published by Big Table Publishing.


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