Sunday Jul 14

JonathanCardew 2016a Welcome to the May 2019 Issue! A feast of fiction! Four writers! Five stories! Amy Bilodeau! Francine Witte! CL Bledsoe! Beate Sigriddaughter! I will stop using exclamation marks very soon!

“emily godslight smith chewed a bloody hangnail to stall, standing wide-legged to accommodate her blossoming new appendage & thought, damn, i could really go for a smoke.” — Amy Bilodeau, ‘emily godslight smith’

“In prison, her don’t eat for days, food stolen right off her plate. Nasty-eye woman say “tell, and we’ll take your water, too.” — Francine Witte, ‘Her’

“On lunch, I went and sat in a bathroom stall and deleted the picture of Mr. Smiggles I’d had in my phone for the last week. It was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. That’s not true, but that’s how it felt.” — CL Bledsoe, ‘Woman’s Best Friend’

You made me believe I was not beautiful, not as interesting as the others, those mysterious, distant, unattainable ones. It never occurred to me till now how wrong you were.” — Beate Sigriddaughter, ‘Dear Connor’