Sunday Jul 03

MegTuite Meg Tuite's writing has appeared or is forthcoming in over 50 magazines, journals and presses including 34th Parallel, One, the Journal and Boston Literary Magazine. She is the fiction editor of The Santa Fe Literary Review and Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. Her fiction collection Domestic Apparition is forthcoming in early 2011 through San Francisco Bay Press. She has a new column “Exquisite Quartet” for Used Furniture Review. A link to her blog can be found here.
Starting next month Meg will be join Connotation  Press as our Fiction Editor, and we could not be happier. Meg is a respected, enthusiastic lover of the written word and the artists that create it. And although  I realize it might be a little unorthodox to publish one of our editors on the cusp of their column launch, I knew once she was actually on staff we'd never get her. Thank you for humoring me, Meg. And a tremendous thanks for joining us here on Connotation Press. We are honored and humbled to be listed amongst the successes in your life. 
                                                                                                             ~Ken Robidoux, Editor-in-Chief
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