Thursday May 23

BradleyJesse Jesse Bradley is the author of Dodging Traffic (Ampersand Books, 2009) and the flash fiction chapbook The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You is a Robot (Safety Third Enterprises, 2010).  He is the Interviews Editor at PANK Magazine and lives at

Jesse Bradley interview with Meg Tuite

Anything you would like to share with our readers about the inspiration for these flash pieces?

"Hemophilia" is part of a larger collection I'm working on called We Will Celebrate Our Failures, a linked short story collection about people who use Craigslist to break up engagements and then have to return the favor to the next person, like a really fucked up pay it forward. The rest, I'll leave secret.

Do you have a writing schedule you adhere to and/or any tricks you might want to share with your readers?

I write three pieces a week minimum, normally on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. If I write more, bonus. If not, I have to write on those three particular days, no matter how tired I am or how I feel.

What book are you reading at this time?

RE:Telling from Ampersand Books

Name the top two or three most influential writers of your writing career and maybe a line or two telling us why.

Derrick Brown showed me how love poems can dizzy, confound, and sweep the leg at the same time. Rachel McKibbens taught me how to never hide the evidence. Robert Smith for proving that you can pull out your heart and feed it to anyone.


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