Sunday Jul 14

Rebecca Wolff is the author of three books of poems (Manderley, Figment, The King) and a forthcoming novel, The Beginners (Riverhead, 2011). She is the founder and editor of Fence and Fence Books, and a fellow at the New York State Writers Institute.
Antiques Roadshow (Nounz 2 Verbz)
drama drama
drama drama
drama drama the
find their way
into popular
entertainment: can it truly be that
a higher culture . . . Grandma's
Navajo blanket rape pillage? Your
weeping 30,000
dollars. Angel
Moroni risen a real
relic. Word reaches back
to early Victorians: Those young Americans
are Morons! It's a
hodge podge
hodge podge
hodge podge. Now I have to go
memorabilia Devo.
Admit No Impediment
I’m going to get up from the table
and go to the bathroom
When I get back,
if your napkin has moved
from the left side of your plate
to the right, I’ll
know you want to.
There will be no need to speak.
Or, wait a minute,
maybe it should be if your napkin
hasn’t moved.
I want to make this
as easy for you
as I can.