Sunday Jul 14

Steve Scafidi is the author of two collections from LSU Press: For Love of Common Words and Sparks From a Nine-Pound Hammer. Although he sometimes teaches poetry at Johns Hopkins University, mostly he works as a cabinetmaker. He lives in West Virginia with his wife and children.

Madrigal for the Lady!

In the Walmart parking lot at last
   there she was—
the woman of my dreams
stumbling lost through a sunbeam.
The pace at which she moved was
   not so fast. All
the cars like shining
hills gleamed. So came the woman
of my dreams stumbling slowly
   through a sunbeam.
She had a look about her.
Like a woman from the Bible light
follows wherever she goes. Like that.
   She had sweat-pants on.
She had a red bra
in a sheer plastic bag. It was probably
two hundred degrees in all the locked
   hillsides it seemed.
Across the burning
asphalt—a little fat but in a good way—
was the woman of my dreams who
   walked among
the fiery hills shyly
smiling in the tunnel of a sunbeam.