Sunday May 26

KaneKelliStevens Kelli Stevens Kane is a poet, playwright and oral historian. Kane's literary works—an oral history manuscript, Big George's Wylie Avenue; a play, I Never Laughed So Much at a Funeral; and a poetry manuscript, Hallelujah Science—represent four generations in her family, all rooted in Pittsburgh's Hill District. Kane is a 2011 August Wilson Center Fellow, a 2011 Cave Canem Fellow, and the recipient of a 2011 Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Grant.  Kane reads nationally, including recent performances at the Cornelia Street Cafe and Bowery Poetry Club in New York City, The Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, and TEDxWomen Pittsburgh. For more information visit here


womb flutter at ten weeks.
a waterwheel in utero
spinning first human words--
mama I am here
but no alphabet about it.
this talk all kick.
(Yes) I Do

As sure as my head fights the pillow
which cushions the cranium
crammed with yellow jackets
stinging the studious,
As sure as rainclouds fight the sky
which carries the cumulus
packed with wasps
stinging the stargazers,
As sure as feet fight the floor
which forgets the missteps
steeped in honey bees
stinging the stepped upon,
As sure as weeds fight the lawn
which loves dishevelment
bespeckled with hornets
stinging the wild orchard,
I fight, fight, fight, fight,
sting, sting, sting, sting,
but I cushion, carry, forget (not)
to love (yes) you.