Monday Jun 24

LBSedlacek L.B. Sedlacek's poems have appeared in such publications as Main Street Rag, Audience Magazine, Illumen, Poet’s Canvas, I-70 Review, Bent Pin Quarterly, Bear Creek Haiku, Down in the Cellar, Red River Review, Inkburns, Heritage Writer, and Poesia. Her poetry and fiction have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. L.B. lives in North Carolina with her family and hosts ESC! Magazine’s small press podcast “Coffee House to Go.”
Human Popsicle
When the eardrum goes
with its fireworks celebration
pounding in the head,
vibrating the nose to the
point that my septum is
no longer deviated and
my astigmatism has
packed up and moved
out leaving me to contend
with kidney marbles and
hammer toes or the
occasional jawbreaker
erosions that pop up on
the skin when a bee
comes calling overstaying
its welcome. The ears
pretend not to notice at
first content with 'you're
nothin' but an old drunk'
sentiments as they try to
adjust the legs accordingly,
convince the hands to
support the big cover
up like there's nothing
wrong at all. When the
ears collide it's like
driving on the wrong
side of the road except
the steering’s gone and
the wheels won't turn at
                                    the same time anymore.