Sunday Nov 29

Kitano-Poetry Christine Kitano is the author of Birds of Paradise, published by Lynx House Press. Her poetry has earned several awards, most recently an Emerging Writer Fellowship from The Writer’s Center. Recent poems appear in Atticus Review, The Chicago Quarterly Review, Crab Orchard Review, Miramar, The Pinch, and Tar River Poetry. She has lived in California and Texas, and currently lives in Ithaca, NY where she teaches creative writing at Ithaca College. Find her online here.

Earthquake Drills

Have a plan:
Hard-soled shoes

under your bed,
a flashlight within

reach. Bottled water,
canned corn niblets,

peaches in sweet
syrup. Comfort.

San Andreas: a lean line
on a map. How long

until your earth unzips
itself? How long

for the fault to burst
its crooked seam?

Find some comfort:
count bandages, replace

batteries, or pack
a bag. But admit

this: there is never
a plan. Instead, this:

in deep night, darkness
thick on the lawn, find

the flashlight, and with
your thumb, click

the switch. Watch
the sure light flicker on.