Thursday Feb 29

MegTuite2012 August has, since my time on staff with Connotation Press, become an unrestrained, potent legacy to love. This is the month of the retrospective. A time to look back and say, “Wow, what a HOT-minded, brilliant group! Is that your reflection?” Your damn right it is! I am honored that you have all sent your exceptional work to Connotation Press. It truly is a gift to be able to read your stories/excerpts/plays and I so appreciate all the writers who have sent their work our way. Thank you!
We have published an extraordinary blend of stories and flash fiction throughout the year. May was also the month of video readings and July was audio readings, as well as print. Ken Robidoux has made anything and everything possible with Connotation Press and I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing bi-monthly magazine that is expanding as we speak. There are always new projects on the horizon, that’s for sure.
I always want to include everyone I have published in this list, but we are only allotted so much space. So, I want to say to all of you: Congratulations!  Thank you again for trusting CP with your work. I hope that you will continue to send us your stories! You make Connotation Press what it is–an exciting magazine with innovative and superlative work.
Here is the list of fiction writers for 2012 and the links to their stories that have been singled out for the retrospective. Congratulations to all!


Sara Lippmann: featured writer: Jan 1st issue
Body Scan

Gregory Sherl: featured writer: Jan. 15th issue
Things to Do When You Need Things to Do, Pt. 1, Facts, Pt. 2, and Brand New Music
Alex Pruteanu: Jan. 15th issue
Two Sides of One Half and De Aardappeleters
Mary Stone Dockery: featured writer: Feb. 1st issue
The Most Striking Thing
Michelle Reale: featured writer: Feb. 15th issue
Some Cities

Paula Bomer: featured writer: March 1st issue
Friday Night at Howard Park

Ben Tanzer: featured writer: March 15th issue

Leah Rogin-Roper: March 15th issue
Aftermath of Watermelon, Your Mama’s Tupperware, and Boomin’ Granny
Extie Ecks: featured writer: April 1st issue
Tuesday, Before Noon, A Good Mother, and That Boy

Joseph Quintela: featured writer: April 15th issue
Tautologies: He Was Confined to His Home Under House Arrest and He Picked Up the Laptop and Suddenly, it was Portable
Brittany Connolly: April 15th issue
Mt. Sissy
Todd Heldt: featured writer: May 1st issue
Memphis: Clip With the King! and Denton, Texas: The Early Nineties

Laura Bogart: featured writer: May 15th issue
Hurricane Drunk
Scott Campbell: featured writer: June 1st issue
Eric Sasson: featured writer: June 15th issue
Author’s Journals for the Dictionary of Hannibal Schaumberg, the Language of Non-Existent Words

John Riley: June 15th issue
Among Wild Things, and Jesus in an Upright Tub

Mike Dell’Aquila: featured writer: July 1st issue
Promises, The Neighbors, and Two-Point Turn
DJ Berndt: featured fiction writer: July 15th issue
The Ocean, Accepting Seconds, Lenscrafters is the Most Magical Place on Earth, and Shitting, Eating and Fucking