Saturday Dec 02


Nicholas Baker - York Discovered

NickTrain The City of New York was founded in 1614 by the Dutch. The old city of York in the north of England was founded by the Romans in AD79. I guess that explains the "New" tagline.  Like New York, old York is situated between two rivers: The Foss and The Ouse, but there the similarities end. Eight hundred years ago the tallest building in York was the York Minster Cathedral. It still is.

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Nicholas Baker - Phuket Discovered

JamesBondexcursion25 The large island of Phuket lies south of the mainland and is only seven degrees north of the equator. It very much feels like a jungle: hot, humid and green. Every inch of the hilly island is covered in mangroves, coconuts, orchids and palm trees interspersed with small crowded towns all competing for tourist dollars.

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Nicholas Baker - Travel Editor: Cairo Discovered

Cairo1021 While the other editors have been with Connotation Press since it started, I am a newcomer. BC (Before Connotationpress) I wrote my diaries as a way to stay in touch with my friends after I moved to London in 2005. I expanded them over the years, and added my photos as well. My friends gave me lots of positive feedback, and many suggested I try to publish them. A mutual friend emailed Ken one of my diaries, and he contacted me. It had been 29 years since we last spoke.

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Nicholas Baker - Bangkok Discovered

It is a long way from London to Thailand, about the same distance to L.A. but in the other direction. Our plane was 12 hours late leaving due to a technical problem, so we spent the first night of our exotic Eastern vacation

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Nicholas Baker - Dubai Discovered

NickDubai While researching our upcoming trip to Dubai, I kept coming across superlatives: Dubai is the fastest growing city in the history of mankind. Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world. Burj al Arab, the iconic sail-shaped building is the only seven star hotel in the world (with a fleet of white Rolls Royce's). 

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Nicholas Baker - Scotland Discovered

Last week, we were sitting in our favorite bar in Soho with our friends Jimmy and Kara. They had just returned from a two week tour of Scotland, and were raving about it. Since Jimmy is French and Kara an American, we felt guilty to admit that us two Londoners had never made the 400 mile trip to Scotland in the 2 1/2 years we have been living in the U.K.

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