Wednesday May 31


Karen Stefano - Fiction

Stefano-Fiction Karen Stefano’s short fiction has appeared in The South Carolina Review, and Ellipsis. Other pieces are forthcoming in The Santa Fe Literary Review, Iconoclast and PocketPilot

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Len Kuntz - Fiction

Kuntz-Fiction Len Kuntz lives on a lake in rural Washington State.  His writing appears widely in print and online at such places as Elimae, The New Verse News,

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Isabella Hecht - Fiction

Hecht-Fiction Isabella Hecht was born and raised in Los Angeles. She graduated from Cornell University in 2010, and is currently working towards an MFA in creative writing at UC Riverside.

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Meg Tuite - Fiction

MegTuite Meg Tuite's writing has appeared or is forthcoming in over 50 magazines, journals and presses including 34th Parallel, One, the Journal and Boston Literary Magazine.

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Paul Beckman - Fiction

Beckman Paul Beckman is a real estate salesman, a writer, snorkeler, traveler and photographer. He specializes in the short story, the short-short story, post-card, flash fiction and micro stories. 

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Jacob Russell - Fiction

Russell Jacob Russell lives in South Philly where he writes, plays barroom pool, and grows tomatoes and basil in the little strip of a garden in front of his apartment.

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